Wilmington NC

April 19th – Carolina Beach

Left the Carolina beach mooring a little later than the customary 7:00 and headed inland to Wilmington. Called ahead to the city dock, we're on. Following wind, following tide, no anchor chain to clean, we got there early. One of the best sails of the trip, and one of the few for Dennis. Not able contact the dock master we put against the dock in front of the Hilton (just like the dock master told us). Five minutes later a rather flustered woman shows up, explaining that she's reserved the area in front of the hotel for 2 50' boats as part of a party that night. I say that's OK, of course we'll move, but I want to hear from the Dock Master first so that we don't have to move twice. Calls were placed, voice mails left, Dock Masters hailed. Half an hour a later, another rather more daunting lady shows, has a bit more info, the boats are arriving at 3:00. OK, same response. An hour later, after we'd gone for a walk to see the rather impressive coast guard cutter berthed cose by the dock master, calls. "Look", he said, "I've made a mistake, but I'm willing to make a deal." - "Oooh! I like deals."- "Move your boat, to the next dock up, I'll help you move and you can stay for free." Score! "We're heading back right now". The boats arrived at 6:00, were both very nice. They ere not however lit up like we were told, and no, we didn't get invited to the party.

Wimington is nice little city, plenty of trendy bars and eateries of all kinds. Walked into a second hand book store and updated my library, got my hair cut, had a few beers and lunch at a brew pub. Had a donut! Bought groceries at a nice little upscale grocers (no self baked bread though). Al in all a nice little place to be.

Then unfortunately it was time for Dennis to head to the airport. Uber was called, farewells made, and my cell mate is gone just like that.