Brighton to Kingston

8/19 Brighton to Picton (42 Miles)

Wind at our back but motored the whole way. Wanted to see at least one place before everything shut. Ended up at tip of the bay marina. Kinda tight but at least the staff helped us. And yes! it was still light. Picton was a very nice town, with a very protected harbor. Named after the Peninsula war general. Went for food and beer. Went to the Accoustic Grill drank a reasonable cider and ate a decent veggie burger. Found the Tim's and had a coffee. About time we got a fun evening

The scenery was really, really quite nice. Very wooded, quite a few nice bluffs. All very green. We took the Murray canal and now we are committed to the inside route. Went through the swing bridges on the canal and put our money in the bag at the end of the pole. Quite efficient really. Seemed funny seeing the cars waiting on us to putter through.