Coburg to Brighton

8/18/2016 - Cobourg to Brighton (33 miles)
Lingered in Cobourg (past the 11:00 checkout time (no really!)). Brighton was a mess. Couldn't pick up the channel markers, bay full of reeds, caused depth sounder to go from 12' to 5' and back. Tried to get into the Brighton marina. No chance way too shallow, too many weeds. Ended up turning around in the 25' wide bouyed channel. Went to Gosport which is near by and tried to pick up a mooring buoy but the penant was broken. Ended up pulling into the tiny marina and pulling up to an exposed dock.

The owner is from Manfield (Notts.?), but had emigrated to South Africa and then Canada. Entertaining guy. We walked the 2 miles into town and found a pizza restaraunt open. Yay! Another late night.