Dover to Shelburne

Howling winds out of the northwest, still the weatherman says it will change after lunch so I'm staying put until then. I hang out and read, anchor holds perfectly! Take off at 2:30 ish and its good sailing. Wind shifts to the south wouthwest and life is not so good. The change has me pushing further and further offshore as the wind continue to builds. Its well past midnight when I decide to head in looking for cover. The tack tacks me back north west, not really where I want to go. Anyway another hard day of sailing when I get to the mouth of Shelburne harbor. Its still 9 miles to go to the marina and its midnight. I fire up the engine, make coffee and eat. Find the marina and come across moored boats, too dark to actually see the marina or the entrance. After seeing unlit boats just appear out of no where I figure the smart thing is to pick up a mooring buoy and sleep.



Dover Rocks Shelburne Mouth


Sailing to Wind