Havre Boucher to Canso

So now I'm only 5 miles from the Canso lock. I wake up to sunshine, yes sunshine! Things are looking up. It deserves a shave, so it gets one. The trip to the lock and through it was uneventful. The one thing that did impress me was that I get both the docklines ready and theres 2 line handlers, I throw a line to the one at the aft and before I could run up front the guy on the bow harpoons the dock line there with his 15 foot boat hook and lifts it up and ties off. Impressed!

Wind starts off behind me, so its gib out only. It eventually turns westerly and then dies, but with 4 miles to go at least I can turn the engine on and get in by dark. Which I did - its Canso.

Just short of Fox Island, almost to Canso, I run into dolphins playing in the bow wake of the boat. Amazing it went on for 15 minutes and I got to video it too. Dolphin videos! That was actually, very, very cool. The water was clear so you get to see them in the water swimming and quite beleivably frolicking. Thats exactly what it looks like. They were just playing.

I have my PC charts back now. Very happy, now I can check our position and speed from down below. I can also plan routes much better now. There was a corruption in a file and CPN wasn't able to handle it correctly. It seems those files were the port Hawkesbury area. Now we're through, no problem.

Not a lot in Canso, but theres westerlies forcast for tomorrow. More wind on the nose.


Dolphin Videos