Ballantyne's Cove to Havre Boucher

9/20 At 10 I'm awake and I go over to find the marina office, but its closed, no phone number, and a sign that says "back at 1:30". I've got no cell service here so I leave. And I didn't pay. So much for Nova Scotia.
Wind is steady at 15 mph but again its out of the South East, just the way I'm heading. I notice that Trude isn't pointing very well, she will only tack through 130 degrees into the wind. The pointing issue is just the gib (which is reefed), the other 2 sails are happy. So I look at whats going on and see that the outer stays are making the gib wider than iit needs to be. So I re-jigger the gib lines and now she'll point better. This will only work for headwind days beacuse the gib lines are then inside the outer stays. Now she'll tack through more like 110.
Anyway, another day of tacks, takes forever but by 9 I'm into Havre Boucher, a natural harbor, dredged to 10 feet. Not an easy entrance but the range lights really helped. Once in it was dark, dark, dark. Basically I just dropped anchor as soon as I got in, not knowing how wide and how deep it was. But I was the only one there so no problem.