St Catharines (43 12.9456 N 079 16.1728 W)


A lazy day. Laurie was going to go up the mast and that never happened. He did bring breakfast though and it was nice just to hang out.No one really got a lot done today, especially me, I took a nap. Moved the boat to a new slip and cooked dinner -Stir fry and rice.


 Headed to Oshawa. Gorgeous day for sailing, went by downtown Toronto and turned right in to a stiffening wind. Got to Oshawa about 3:00 in the morning only to find the marina missing. We find out in the morning it had been closed since 2002. lol.

We tied up to the dock wall - more than a bit derilect looking. Mike did really well on his boat handling, steered well, reads the water well.