Key West


May 15th

Made the short journey to Key West under sail. Wind from the Southeast just like it ought to be, imagine that. It was a very short and pleasant sail.

Got into the marina, with a little help from the staff. And came across Key West. Its a bit like Disneyland for grown ups. Very, touristy. Lots of places to eat, drink and watch people, all sorts of people. There is a marine supply store literally yards from the marina, and … they have the sail slides I need. Spent the rest of the afternoon sewing, with an awl, first time I've ever done that.

Dinner Time! What to do, what to do? There's food everywhere. Now I've been Jonesing for a grouper sandwich since Elizabeth City, when we ate at a fish restaurant called “Groupers” and it didn't have grouper on the menu. Have not seen one since. So I use google to find the best grouper sandwich in Key West. It finds BO's Fish Wagon. You got to be shitting me, a food wagon?!?!? Its only 150 yards away from me, what the hell, I give it a try. It was well worth waiting for. Had a beer and a large sandwich, watched people go by, and did I say the sandwich was goooood? Real good. Well done google, actually I believe it was a recommendation, but still, spot on.

May 16th

Spent the day working on various repairs and finding my way about. Apart from sail slide issue I had to go ahead and repair the hatch where the fiberglass had separated.

Dave arrived in the evening and I just had to take him for a grouper sandwich.

May 17th

Took care of business in the morning, got groceries, filled the propane tank and took Dave's rental car back to the airport. Then we were just tourists in Key West.

Went to see the Mel Fisher museum – and the jewelry shop. That was really quite an interesting place. That guy spent a lifetime before he got to see his quest finished, and then the state try to take it from him. Tsk! Had dinner out on the waterfront looking out over Tank Island and watched the boats go by. Then we headed out to watch the cat trainer on Mallory Square Dock. That's quite a show, in fact the whole Dock there is quite a show. There was a woman playing a guitar there that looked like she had just found it on the street.



Cruise boat

Residential island

Manatee in the marina

Tourist boat