New Haven


June 26th

Conditions are just perfect as we continue south. I can't find a good place to anchor near Punta Gorda, we're kind of a long way from the reef at this point. So I settle for New Haven, what looks like a perfect anchorage right on the mainland. Its just 9 miles north of PG. Sure enough the anchorage is flat and protected, it has a mud bottom, and trees all around. We followed another sailboat in that is flying a Jamaican flag. Funny though they all speak spanish – looks like a family. Nothing on the fish front tonight. The waters cloudy and we have to improvise bait. Pasta, corn, mushroom. Ain't none of it working. Had a great nights sleep.



Sun set

Anchorage approaching

Sumo Morgan

In the anchorage

Calm waters 

A bright moon

More Moon