Lagoon Cays


June 25th

I'm starting to worry a little about our schedule. Patrick is flying out from Punta Gorda (to Belize City) where I'll have to clear out of Belize. So we weigh anchor early and rip off an easy 50 miles. Southern Belize is a lot more difficult to find anchorages because the water is deeper and there's a lot more coral off of the west side of the keys. We anchor at Lagoon Cays where the water is clear and full of star fish. We could have gone in a lot closer than we did but the premey job held OK. I've been using the Danforth anchor instead of the Plough since San Pedro. It cuts through the grass so much better. Patrick sets about the fish again but this going to have to be the last night for the bait – it stinks, absolutely stinks.



Anchorage view

Anchorage left

Safe and sound