Spanish Lookout Cay


June 24th

Bit of a butt clencher today, we're going through Porto Stuck. The name says everything, its a narrow channel with depths of less then 2 feet on both sides. The cruising guide is helpful but apparently we have to look for stakes in the ground, and our charts are still shite for this locale, we go through using way points from the cruising guide put onto the chart plotter. It was pretty tight, but the water is clear and we make our way though OK. And, we saw dolphins, a mama and baby.

So much of the northern Belize sailing is in water less then 9 feet. Its quite an event to see the depth go into double digits. The further south we go the more frequent this happens, with deep channels not being uncommon. We pass the Bogue Ship Channel, the Drowned Cays and anchor off Spanish Lookout Key. Quite a snug little spot. Patrick takes on the fish population, he starts with Lane Snappers and as night falls moves on to cat fish. He catches them one after the other while I catch some shut eye.





Private houses

Almost sunset

Another look

Remote private house.


More dolphins

A real good-looking man

Belize shallow marker 

A visitor

hanging out 

Now we're sailing


Happy sailor

Serious sailor