Crysler Park to Montreal

Mike scored free tickets to Upper Canada Island. So we're staying here today. The locks can wait another day. We're going to watch Canada growing up. Weather wonderful, sunny, cool, and breezy.

Upper Canada Vilage was wonderful. Had a great time seeing how the cotton mills and lumber mills worked. Undoubtably the stars of the show were half a dozen piglets that had free run of the place. The did literally run everywhere. Amazing to think that they'll turn into the porkers that we saw there.

Anchored out tonight. Took us forever to find the marina we were looking for then hit bottom 3 times trying to find it. Gave up and went and slung the hook for the first time. It held and all went well.

Making our way to Montreal. Got through the locks only to find Lake Loise is very very shallow and not much reason to leave the channels. Lots of Marinas but they're really shallow or there's no way off the highway to them. We end up going the length of the lake to LaChine. A really really nice suburb connected to Montreal by a canal (thats too small for us). The marina is nice, wifi sucks but we're staying another 2 nights.


Upper Canada Pics

Lock Pics