Montreal to Troix Rivieres

Played tourist in Montreal. Walked to the train station but trains are really part time on a saturday. So we walked some more. Found the Bixi bike stand and took a couple of bikes. These you can take but only for 30 minutes. Then you can get another one. There's no additional charge for the subsequent bikes but you hvae to swipe your credit card again. And sure enough once we get to Old Montreal I realize I left my credit card behind at the last stop. I call the CC Company and cancel the card. I hang up and get a call from Bixi saying someone found the card and could I call them. Arthur was the guy that found I thanked him for reporting the find and asked hime to destroy it. Had dinner at a sidewalk cafe near the Cathedral. We ate on the sidewalk inside a fenced off area. Very french. But then again the whole is so very european. Practically no one speaks english here.

Day 2 in Montreal. Spent the day working on the boat. But first we needed a hardware store, tools, and food. Used Uber for both trips! Left my wallet on the boat, and Mike had to pay for everything. Oh well it'll work itself out.
Redid the wiring on the Auto Pilot and now it works. Whew! Thats going to help. Did a few other jobs too.

Left Montreal which took forever. Its a big city and we had to back track to get in the shipping lanes. We cleared the last of the locks but its onwards to Troix Rivieres. Doing a lot of motoring lately not a lot of wind and when there is its dead astern. We get to Troix Riveriers and theres people lined up to get into what looks like a convention center. Turns out Celine Deion is concert here for 2 nights, the first time ever. We go into town on the marina bikes and get some food and beer thats not the crap we bought in Montreal. That stuff just makes you pee like a race horse. We get back only to the park that holds the marina, just in time to hear the crowd calling for encores. Can't wait to see who's playing at our next town.


Montreal Pics